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When I first started creating my Stone Rock’d Art, Salvador Dali was one of my first subjects. His expressive eyes, unique features and quirky personality really worked well with my techniques. One of my favorite famous artists. I have been to see his paintings many times. So I was absolutely delighted when I sold a large print on Fine Art America to someone in Tampa, FL. It made sense as we have the Dali Museum close by in St. Pete.

Just as quickly as my excitement came…it went. The piece was returned and I was disappointed. It is extremely rare for my buyers to return artwork. A few days later I sold another Dali tribute in the LARGEST size and I was thrilled. This person was also in Tampa. All was redeemed.

I make it a habit to thank each of my print buyers on Fine Art America using the comments under each piece of art. It’s all anonymous. I do not know who buys my work typically. Only their city and state. And then I read this under my Dali recently:

“Sharon- We Really love this piece and we’re super excited that the artist lives here in Tampa! What a great surprise! I had no idea, and it makes it all the more special! We are Dali fans and own some of his original work- so thought this piece the perfect compliment! This Stone Rock’d Art style is simply Brilliant!!!!! Maybe we will be lucky enough to meet the artist sometime? With much adoration.”, K & R Feldman

I found out my return wasn’t a return after all.  My buyer loved the piece very much. They just needed a larger size. 🙂

Things that make you smile…..