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If you look around my portfolios, you will notice that I create a lot of animal art.  I grew up in the country on a horse ranch and we had all sorts of critters.  On top of the regular creatures like horses, dogs and cats my Mom was forever bringing home a rescue of some kind.  A pigeon or a pig.  She loved them all and she taught me to care and love for them too.  As an adult I am quite find of dogs and right now I have three.  Great Danes are my breed of choice and we have had 3 at the same time in the past.  We always have at least one in our pack.  I love to paint them and bring out their expressive features.  Many of these gentle giants end up in rescue due to their extreme puppy cuteness that becomes a 100 pound dog in 6 months!  Most people cannot handle small puppies let alone a HUGE one that can eat your sofa!  We take them…we love them….we keep them for life!  You can see more of my dog art here:


And you can see my current pack here: