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ImageI have been so busy lately with painting commissions and creating new work that I have neglected my photography. I always have my trusty Canon PowerShot with me everywhere I go (I am on my 5th one as I buy new models as they come out!). Snapping anything that catches my eye and delighting in the journey. Combing through the masses of photos, I found this gem the other day. I remember the day very well. I was on vacation with my husband and we stopped at an outlet mall. The buildings were typical and a bit run down. It was an older mall, but there was a store my husband wanted to go into. The weather was perfect so I decided to wait outside for him to do his shopping. I found this lovely little koi pond in the middle of the dirty grounds. I marveled at the fish and their fluid like movement when I spotted a lone lotus. A beacon of beauty…

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