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ImageAs I am browsing around Fine Art America today, I stumble across this gorgeous piece titled “Red Lotus Flowers”.  Being the color junkie that I am, I am immediately drawn in.  I love the bright red petals that contrast with the vivid blue sky.   It has so much visual texture in the green leaves and interest.  It looks like something I would hang in my own home.  Much to my great pleasure, I see that this piece belongs to my friend Laura Carter.  She and I go way back to the beginning of online art sales together.  We survived the eBay years listing side by side.  We may go years without speaking, but always rekindle our appreciation and respect for one another now and again.  Laura has a unique style and emotive expression in all of her work.  I took some time to go through her entire portfolio on Fine Art America today and it was well worth it!  This is just a small sample of what Laura has to offer.  Gothic art lovers are in for a real treat!

To learn more about Laura’s work, you can follow her blog here:


And you can see her Fine Art America portfolio here:


She has a Facebook Fan page too:


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