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ImageClowns….those happy faces meant to make children and adults laugh and smile cause skin crawling fear in some.  I’ve got no problem with clowns at all.  In fact, I think they are funny.  What gets the hair on the back of my neck up?  Old Churches.  They are just creepy.  Most of them look as if their faces are gaping and just beckoning in those who wish to be ushered straight into the afterlife.  Inside their dank dark passageways lies evil.  I just know it!  With churches that have withstood the elements for a 100 years or more…what sorrows have been hidden behind secret walls?  Who has been abused there?  All the funerals….  Hidden “sins.  I know what you are thinking?  Why do I focus on the dark side instead of the worship, weddings and christenings?  Phobias are never rational are they? 😉

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