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In some ways I am very much a girl.  I like my nails to look pretty and I absolutely love wearing dresses and cute girly shoes.  But on the other hand, I still have a lot of “tom boy” in me.  Growing up, I always preferred playing with cool cars over Barbie dolls.  Dolls were boring…they just sat there.  Cars had wheels and they could go!  I’ve also always been drawn to the artistry of car designs…the lines…curves…paint colors…chrome wheels.  To me vehicles really are works of art.  I am particularly drawn to cars made in the 60’s which makes sense as I was born in that decade.  These cars were what I saw the most in my formative years.  They left an imprint of what cars were meant to look like.  These two sexy beauties were “chance” shots as I was going about my life….parked in parking lots just waiting for me to discover them. 🙂


See more of my vintage car work here: