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I absolutely love photography and yesterday I took a walk down to the Hillsborough River in Tampa which is very close to my home.  I have been wanting some nice pictures of crows for awhile now and I got lucky.  The park was filled with them!  I was intending to crop out individual images for use in my collage work, however, this image struck me.  I liked the entire frame.  I enjoy putting together a story using multiple images and layering such as my Eiffel Tower that I listed a few days ago.  One individual recently accused me of stealing images.  Alas, you cannot steal images from the Public Domain…they are there for everyone to use.  Some pictures I just cannot acquire myself such as Hubble Space imagery by NASA and certain landmarks.  Since my imagination seems to have no bounds, I occasionally pull from others who have graciously released their work to the public or images that have never had copyright such as NASA Hubble or images that are vintage and the rights have expired.  I even purchase stock photos from time to time.  Truth be told I far prefer working with my own photographs.  I can do so much more with them as I have the raw files to play with.  You can expect to see some of my crows in space soon. 😉

See my work with CROWS here: