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When I first started selling my art, I remember being very insecure.  It felt so vulnerable and raw to list a painting for sale.  The fear of rejection was high.  The thought of complete failure was ever present.  But I decided it was worthwhile to pursue my dreams even if no one ever bought a single piece.  Fortunately for me I got my art online when it was all new to everyone.  There wasn’t a whole lot of competition and sales came easily.  That was a relief!  But what I found was that each and every listing still felt dicey.  I was always “sticking my neck out”.  You would think that with 10 plus solid years of consistent sales that those feelings would fade.  That as an artist I would have complete confidence in my work.  That every piece would feel like a winner.  It isn’t so.  To this day, every time I list new work I am waiting to exhale….

You can help me breath here: