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Growing up in Florida we had a few things to keep us entertained.  The biggest being football.  Yes, I am a Buccaneer fan even when they suck.   I was a Buc fan when they weren’t cool with their orange jersey’s with the wimpy little pirate.  But there is nothing like college football!  The crowds have a different feel….they are electric with energy.  Cars are decorated to the hilt and entire outfits reflect teams all the way to the face paint.  Gainesville Florida is only a skip away and I have always been a Gator fan.  My Dad used to take me to games (neither of my brothers liked football…go figure).  I always remember the rush of the kick off and the frenzy of touchdowns.  The smell of popped corn and hotdogs.  These are great memories for me and I still hold a torch for my favorite team!  “Swampy” is my tribute to the BEST teams in College Football!  And I know I am not alone because Mr. Swampy is well on his way to becoming my BEST SELLER!  Go Gators!

Check “Swampy” out here: