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The above piece is our new puppy named “Coffee”.  I love animals.  You can see it in my artwork and you can see it in my home.  I’ve always had furry or feathered companions my entire life.  Cats, dogs, birds, goats and pigs….all were my friends at some point.  Which means I’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of buddies.  Recently I lost my Great Dane Sampson.  I don’t know how the Universe works…but this message below made me cry.  Inside I’ve been struggling with Sampson’s death….I’ve felt bad wondering if I made the right decisions for him…..and it made me think of other animals that I’ve had in the past….wondering if I could have done better for them too….I loved them all very much and always did what I felt was right….I feel like they all sent this today to give me peace….

Six months ago I signed up for a service that supposedly sends email messages from the Universe.  TUT.  When I signed up, I filled in the blanks so I could get encouragement on my art business.  Accordingly all of my messages are about my work, success, perseverance in my job, people I encounter in my career. etc.  Never anything personal about pets or family.  But today I got this below.

“I just want you to know, Sharon, that those animals you’ve known, who’ve moved beyond the veils of time and space, were forever changed by your love, they’re alive and well, and they’ve banded together to ask me a favor… that I make sure you get this message.”

Bark, meow, chirp, ergle,

The Universe