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Someone posted on my Facebook today that I ought not say anything that shatters the illusion of my “good girl” status.  I had to laugh because I did not know I had one of those.  Now I do not believe I am a “bad girl” either.  What is a “good girl” anyway?  Is she one that stays quiet or only says things to flatter their husbands or their children?  Is she one that does not stand for anything?  Does she only wear clothing that covers most of her skin?  Does she never curse and never ever have a drink in a bar?  Does she cook dinner every night and keep the house tidy?  Would she only paint flowers and puppies?  There is no such thing as a “good girl” because there is no Worldwide agreement as to what constitutes this label.  We have one for “water”, but when it comes to women all else is just an opinion usually based on religion.  If you look around my portfolio you will get a glimpse into my personality.  I have many facets including dark and gothic imagery. I believe in peace, love and equality, but I am certainly not afraid to tap into my dark and/or sensual side.  There is a Country song performed by Patty Loveless that describes me well:  I ain’t the woman in red, I ain’t the girl next door, But if somewhere in the middle’s what you’re lookin’ for, I’m that kind of girl….

“Good girls” don’t get raped right?  In this piece titled “I Wanted To Tell You” I visually express the oppression of women….all of the women who are forced to stay silent……all of the women who MUST be “good girls”.