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I have always enjoyed the female form for it’s interesting curves and shadows…at every turn there is a soft hill or burrow.  In college I volunteered as a model for many figure drawing classes.  I was always struck by how professional and non-sexual posing for a class was. Afterwards, many thanked me for my time and shook my hand.  No one ever checked me out or came on to me.It was so very intriguing to walk around and see the many different ways that individual artists interpreted my body.  Some making me Rubenesque while others took away my curves. Larger breasts. Smaller breasts.  So many styles and creative minds.I am the model in most of my nude paintings and my husband is the photographer.”Vulnerable” is a very personal piece. A woman’s back has always seemed to me to be so very sensitive, tender and exposed. My Labor of Love pieces are one of my most recognizable and collected of my styles.  It was a challenge to transform a painted medium onto the computer, but the results were fantastic. Sections of my Labor of Love arrangements hand sewn to form exquisite patterns.  Stone Rock’d Art was born.She is on her way to becoming one of my best sellers…..feel her vulnerability by clicking the link below: