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Yes, I am mooning everyone again.  No, not that kind of moon. 🙂  But I do seem to have a fascination with the sky, the stars and that glowing orb that every human on the planet gets to gaze upon.  Many cultures around the world have interesting myths about the Moon.  Some believe there are many moons while others think it brings out werewolves. It has been reported to be made of water and even cheese.  It can cause lunacy and pregnant women are more likely to give birth when the moon is full.  Here is a moon FACT: The moon is not round (or spherical). Instead, it’s shaped like an egg.  In my art I like to experiment with different colors and textures and my moon piece is no different.  If you want to see the rear end kind of moon, I have those too in my paintings.  Today, however, you get to enjoy this red beauty….

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