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Red and delicious!  Watermelon is a staple for us in Florida this time of year. Summers are hot and humid.  The air is so thick that you can almost swim in it.  We search out the biggest shade trees, the coolest springs and the juiciest watermelon.  As a kid it was one of my most anticipated events.  That first fruit….lip smacking good.  We grew them in our garden and the crops were plentiful.  I like mine ice cold.  The newer varieties do not have seeds, but I will take them either way.  You can spit the seeds or you can chew them up with the fruit.  There is no wrong way to eat them.  The rinds make a delicious refresher if you juice them.

This piece was left behind by someone on a recent beach outing.  It struck me because there was so much left.  I would have never left that much…..

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