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Still cleaning out my studio.  As you might well imagine, I have a lot of artwork in here.  It is everywhere.  Stacks of work that has not been properly photographed.  Pieces I have used for prints. Experiments.  Proofs.  You name it.  I have TONS.  So for something FUN for my collectors and fans…..NEW….Grab Bag!!

Be the FIRST person to leave a comment saying “That’s my bag!!” And you get ALL of these pieces for only 95.00 and that includes S/H within the continental U.S.

That is about a 600.00 value!!  All for only 95.00 bucks!!

Comments are date/time stamped so I will know who is FIRST.

You get Three (3) matted “Pure Water” hearts….ORIGINALS….SIGNED:


One (1) ORIGINAL Red/Black Heart….SIGNED and MATTED.

One (1) ORIGINAL Yellow Bird Painting titled “She Sings”….SIGNED:


And you get 1 large print featuring my Bride and Groom Doggies and 4 mini prints:


NOTE:  Crappy indoor lighting…yellow on the side…blurry…it’s all I have time for today. My collectors know the beauty and vibrancy of my work!

Mats are recycled (painted) and included for convenience, but feel free to use your own mats.

Good Luck!!