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ImageIt is interesting (and tragic) that human minds can remember horrors in such vivid detail….I was at a local Mall doing Senior Mall walks for UCH Hospital….We had not even finished our first lap when someone came by and said a plane had hit a building in NY. I remember thinking it must have been a small plane that got off course somehow and that it was terrible. Then someone else came by at a very fast pace and said that two had gotten hit. I instinctively knew this was no accident. I ran to my car to turn on the radio….as I listened…long before we knew what actually happened…in my gut I knew it was really bad…I just wanted my child (she was in kindergarten at the time)….so I rushed to her school to get her…me and 1000 other parents frantic to find our kids…One of the most poignant moments for me was when we all took our kids back to school a few days later…one of my daughter’s friends was Muslim….me and her Mom chatted often….when we got there, I spotted her…she was not wearing her head coverings…her husband had told her not to because he was afraid she would be targeted for violence…we just hugged and wept….I wept for all of the victim’s families and friends…I wept for innocence lost….and I wept for everyone who had to hide their beliefs for fear of violence.