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This is Toby…our naughty dog.  He is the sweetest boy you could imagine with lots of kisses and snuggles.  But when you aren’t looking he will have some fun. 🙂  I love dogs and have always had them in my life.  I cannot imagine living in a home without them. Perhaps that is what hell is like…no dogs.  We recently got a new girl….a rescued Mastiff. We sort of swore off the large breeds because their life expectancy is so low, but caved when we realized how empty our home is without one.  The big dogs are special and laying across their warm bodies and receiving love is like no other feeling.

Here is where my pack spends a lot of their time.  Throughout the day when I take breaks I lay around with them on their beds for petting and kisses.  They say it is healthy and lowers blood pressure.  I say it just keeps me sane. 🙂



You can see my dog art here: