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ImageAre you afraid of clowns?  I find this an unusual fear, but then again I am freighted by grasshoppers.  Phobias are funny things, but I know where mine comes from.  I think clowns are funny looking and perhaps a little too cheerful.  I was always perplexed as a child by their colorful wardrobe, painted on smiles and tears.  Often a paradox.  I mostly saw clowns at the local rodeo as I grew up in the country and that was all there was for entertainment.  I never saw a circus, but once a year we watched the bucking broncos, bulls and the clowns.  It was a dangerous job for these guys to be out there taunting the animals to distract them from a fallen cowboy.  I now find rodeo’s cruel and would never attend, but I do remember the funny characters that entertained us so well. 🙂

My Labor of Love clown: