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I’ve got a birthday next month and I will be turning 45.  I’m not old, but I am also no longer young.  I am in the middle….middle aged as they say.  I knew my body would start changing in my 40’s but what I never expected was for my attitudes to change dramatically.  My mental state is undergoing the most transformation. Things that used to drive me crazy, no longer do.  I am calm and at peace in so many situations now that used to get me totally worked up.  I am patient with my daughter.  I appreciate my husband a whole lot more.  I am just more clear on what’s important in life.  I woke up this morning realizing that for 45 years ALL of my needs have always been met.  Sometimes that meant peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a game of Go Fish for a date. Sometimes it meant The Ritz.  And there were times when I had to wait long periods of time to get some things I needed.  I’ve had to work hard for sure and at times have enjoyed luxuries that as a kid I could only dream of.  And also times where I had to sell everything I could to get groceries.  My life has always given me everything to sustain me….in the good times and the bad.  Right now one of the biggest changes I am feeling is with my art.  I no longer see it as just a means to an end.  Income.  Don’t get me wrong, I like making enough to support myself and help my family, but I am feeling the joy in creating more and the satisfaction of making people happy.  I am here to bring joy to other’s hearts.  As history has proven, my needs will always be met, so I do not have to worry all of the time about making a “sale”.  Here is to change!