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I really had no idea that digital art could be so much fun.  I have always been a traditional paint slinger.  My paintings have always sold really well and I have earned most of my living off of commissioned and original art for the past 10 years. But times they are a changin’…..I see more and more AMAZING digital art online and I am starting to really love it.  It is just a different medium.  Throughout History artists have used any and all medium available to create artwork.  It is a sign of true creativity when you are willing to embrace new technologies…acrylic paint was controversial when it first appeared to the Fine Art scene.  Traditional oil painters scoffed.  I imagine the charcoal drawers didn’t care much for oil paint.  And so it is with digital.  Some artists shun it as if it were the devil.  I did myself for awhile, but now that I have fully embraced it, I cannot see why any artist wouldn’t.  And as a bonus, it sells well. 🙂 Enjoy!