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I am going to be in an art show.  This doesn’t sound like big news as most would expect that an artist would be in art shows.  However, after 10 years as a professional artist this is my first show.  My career has not followed a traditional path due to certain physical disabilities that I have faced over those 10 years.  I’ve never made an issue out of them and I never wanted anyone to buy my artwork out of pity, so you will not see mention of any of it in my bio.  Even most of my friends never knew of my greatest issues as I suffered in silence.  Some learned of it as I had times where I could not avoid telling them because it was severe when I was with them.  Most of the time, I just found ways to cope so no one would know.  My two disabilities were severe gastrointestinal problems and vertigo, both of which kept me out of shows and a lot of other things in life.  I learned a few years ago that I had Celiac disease and I started eating gluten free.  It has taken awhile for my body to heal, but it has to a point where I am now confident to go out and spend a day with the public without worries of needing to go to the bathroom often or worse not being able to stand or walk.  It is not easy for me to share these things publicly, but now that they are in my past, I am o.k. with it.  I am just delighted to look toward the future with hope and joy!  I will post an invitation a week before the show, but it is the 5th Annual Arts In The Park in Ybor City here in Tampa on December 14th from 9 – 4.  It is a juried show and I am delighted to have been chosen!  Stay tuned!