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This is how it all began….my Labor Of Love series.  This was my very first piece titled “A River Runs Through It” after the movie.  Choosing titles is always an interesting endeavor!  This painting is actually a single piece.  I divided it into three pieces because that is the only way I could photograph it at the time (9 years ago) and have it look good.  My camera could not process it in it’s entirety without it looking blurry.  I am so glad I did as to this day these are some of my best sellers!  



I am painting some new originals for my upcoming show.  These take a lot of time and patience so this will be a real treat for my fans.  I have not created many new works in this series in the last few years.  Namely because they just do not make a lot of sense for my business.  What takes me a week in these, I can make the same income from other works which only take an hour or so.  A week of work for the groceries or an hour of work for groceries.  Anyone can do the math.  



The good news is that these can be enjoyed anytime whether I am painting new work or not. And commissions are always welcome.  You can find a great selection of my Labor of Love here: