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Ever had a moment when you realize that all of the good you have been dreaming of just starts to happen to you?  When you find yourself surrounded by positive and life affirming people? New friends show up in your life that bring you happiness and good times?  Your career just takes off in an upward direction with no slowing down in sight?  Where your family life is a comfort, support and joy to be in?  Where you feel at your physical best?  I am sooooo there!! It has not happened by accident and it certainly was not an overnight.  I’ve have had to make some tough decisions in the past year with regard to certain friendships that had to go.  Even some family members had to be removed for my emotional well being.  I have also had to work really hard at my business to see the results I believed I could achieve.  I have had some therapy with some loved ones to work out long standing issues.  And I have made some changes to my diet and lifestyle.  The key word here is CHANGE….The things around me weren’t changing on their own…I had to actually do something!  Those “somethings” have been some of the hardest things I have had to do.  But now that I have made the necessary adjustments to my life, I am on FIRE!!