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I am not just an artist.  I am many things and one of them is an Art Collector.  I have pieces from all around the world from some amazingly talented people.  Gifts to the planet!  I recently had the great blessing to discover a wonderful creator named Maya Telford out of North Vancouver, BC – Canada.  Her work “speaks to me”…..so much femininity and softness, yet strong and powerful to the soul.  For years I have collected similar works from other artists I have encountered along my journey.  I really do not have anymore shelf or wall space, but some how I manage to “squeeze” a new piece in now and again.  This is my latest collection piece titled “The Perfected Soul” and it really mirrors how I am feeling these days…..what a wonderful adventure I am on and with each day I can feel my soul heading exactly where it belongs.  I always go back to the “mother”, “inner mother” or the “divine mother”.  If you love to be in touch with your spirituality and to connect with others who do too, you will really enjoy checking out her work.  You can see more of Maya Telfords’s work here: