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It’s been suggested in various groups that I might be an alien.  Why?  Other artists see how much work I produce and how much I market myself.  They wonder how I can do so much and be human.  I’ve addressed this in other posts, but it all boils down to focus for me.  Some experts might even call it OCD. 😉  I will say that as I am ageing that my focus has gotten a little blurry sometimes and I do forget to do things on occasion.  I also get tired.  But this time of year I am hyped on the excitement of the season.  I absolutely thrive on painting gifts for people to share with the one’s they love.  The thought of the joy my work will bring is out of this world!  And getting ready for my first show has me smiling at the speed of light.  It’s a full creative moon! There are UFO’s everywhere (unbelievably fun objects).  It means more hours of painting and more hours of promoting, but just maybe the Mother Ship has a spa waiting for me come mid December…..