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SCAMS!! A recent FAA scam produced the advice for us to not to put our emails online anywhere. While this will definitely reduce the amount of scam/spam emails you get, it is not going to work for those of us who want to sell originals and commissions.

Emails were created so people could contact you on the Internet. I would not sell originals and commissions if I did not post it online. I have had my email posted everywhere for over 10 years and I have never gotten scammed. Have I gotten scam emails? ALL OF THE TIME…many a day!! Instead of saying do not post your emails anywhere which has been vital to my sales…I’d say to be smart about the emails you answer.

*First of all just my quick 2 cents…rarely is anything really “urgent”…that is your first clue to be cautious. Also look for poor grammar and misspelled words.

*Secondly, NEVER click on a link requesting personal information. If it appears to be from one of your sites. You open a new window and go to your account and log in. From there EVERY site I am on sends me notifications through the site when I need to do something too….FAA does it….when I log in, if there is something new like Designerprints.com they let me know as soon as I log in.

*Lastly…..Your sites do send emails with links and sometimes they even tell you you need to update something like a credit card (happened to me with Amazon)…but NEVER click on a link through email to do it…Always open a new window and log into your account. If in doubt…if you ever find yourself being asked for personal information…close the window and go ASK the source..in this case FAA and they will tell you if it is a scam.

If you follow the above, you will not be scammed and you can keep your email wherever you want it. My email probably appears easily over 10,000 times all over the net and I’ve never been scammed.

This link can be VERY helpful to those who worry about being scammed. Life isn’t about worrying, hiding and missing out just to play it safe…it’s about being present and available but using good sense.