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Cyber Monday has always sounded naughty to me.  Like something you just do not talk about in mixed company. 😉  But at least it is something you can do in the privacy of your own home, bathroom and even in your cubicle at work. 🙂 In fact people are cyber mondaying all over the place on smart phones.  Someone sitting next to you on the bus may be cybering.  And your Mom is probably cybering your Christmas gift as you read this!  Ha ha

In all seriousness….today is your last chance to SAVE BIG on my work through Fine Art America. For SAFE cyber mondaying, please enjoy 50% off of my commission on all Fine Art America prints. That’s right…I am willing to reduce my income by half. How many folks would do that? This coupon is for 50% off of “MY” mark up and not the total price.  Simply shop and when you check out put in this coupon code to see how much you can save!

Coupon Code:  SUBYTE   Discount:  50.00% Off Artist Mark Up  Quantity: Unlimited Expires:  12/04/2013