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I am really good at tooting my own horn in my blog.  That is mainly what these online diaries are about.  However, I appreciate so much art from around the world that I enjoy featuring work that I love from time to time.

Today’s featured artist is Betty Cummings.  Betty is an American artist living in CO and FL.  She is well established in galleries and juried art shows, but new to online exhibition.  Her work is full of rich colors and delightful contrast.  She is a great painter and also happens to be my Mother In Law.  There is no shortage of art around my home and I am fortunate to have two original pieces from Betty proudly displayed in the entryway to my house.



Betty has this to say about her work:  “Close observation is a kind of daily meditation. I like to look at beautiful things: luminous flowers, the glitter of glass, opulent fabrics, a landscape lit just so.  I often exaggerate color and contrast in my paintings to try to give shape to what my inner eye is seeing. I often push the scale, also, to something beyond reality. Heightened color, bigger-than-life scale, dramatic lighting and high contrast are some of the tools I use.”



Being a novice to the online art world, you will not find a lot of her work on the Internet, but she has a website here:  http://bettycummings.com/  Feel free to contact her to discuss original commissioned paintings or just to let her know that you have enjoyed her work!