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This time of year when I am busy working like one of Santa’s elves and hustling about trying to get my Holiday shopping done, it is easy to forget that so many people in our world, country, state, city and neighborhood will not be having a “merry” Christmas.  For many just getting to their next meal is a blessing.  However, every year the Universe sends me a reminder to be giving.  To show compassion and love.  There is always a homeless person I encounter each year whose eyes speak to me in a way I cannot adequately explain.  I almost feel as if it is God looking back at me saying, “I have given so much to you, will you give something back?”  I always give large bills even though they are asking only for spare change.  I also make a point to touch them by gently squeezing their hands and making eye contact.  I speak to them.  There is something so humbling in seeing their eyes light up and the sheer gratitude they exude. Some say….”oh they will just go and buy booze with that money.”  That may be true, but one thing I am very certain about is that God did not place me on this earth to judge others and to determine my generosity based on what the recipient might or might not do with my compassion.  I am simply called to be so…..