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The point of power is always in the present moment.  This tenant is something I try to live by.  As a self representing artist there really is no other way to live….for my sanity.  I cannot focus on sales in the past or sales in the future.  I can only look at where I am right now…can I afford my mortgage?  Yes  Can I afford to eat? Yes  Can I create new work with this mind and body?  Yes  It is much more satisfying to look at all of the “yes” answers than to ruminate on the “nos”.  Art is a passion and it cannot be reduced to a marketing and sales pitch.  A true artist has an irresistible urge to create.  Einstein knew this and so do I.  Each day is filled with endless possibilities to which my soul always says yes!  Sometimes I paint a beautiful painting, sometimes I design work on my computer and sometimes a day might revolve around a new and exotic recipe I will “tweak”.  The business of art can be heartbreaking.  It can take you to the highest of highs with that amazing sale or take you to the lowest of lows when you go weeks or for some even months without a sale.  I do not have time to be discouraged as I am too busy working on new things.  What will it be today?

Please enjoy my piece “Point Of Power”…..you can learn more here: