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Do you ever wonder if you are on the “right path” in life.  Is something missing?  Look at the list below and see if you can answer “often” to ALL of them.

1.  I do things I love.

2.  I get excited every morning when I get out of bed.

3.  I feel accomplished when I fall asleep.

4.  I have fun.

5. Things just seem to work out well for me.

6. I feel on top of my game.

7. I get so involved in projects that I lose track of time.

8. I have great ideas.

9. I use my imagination.

10. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

I have “often” felt all of the above on a daily basis, but haven’t lately and I find it is time to reevaluate what I am doing with my career, family and health.  What I like to do when I get off track is sit down and write out a list with two columns.  In the first column I write out all of the things I am currently doing that are not fulfilling, frustrating or unhealthy.  In the second column, I write out everything I am doing that is fun, rewarding and healthy. If the left column is considerably longer than the right, I just make a decision to do more on the right side.  It becomes my PRIORITY!  I scratch off things on the left that are not necessary and add a few to the good side (things I would like to do).  This gets me back on my game every time…..

Are you on the right path?