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I hope you are having a happy Christmas….For many years of my life, I did not enjoy the Holiday.  When I was 10 years old my Dad committed suicide just 6 days before Christmas…for me the Holiday lost all meaning and became a horror to get through each year….until…..I had my own child. My daughter is the most exuberant and festive person I have ever known. Everything must be decorated! She isn’t a materialistic person so simple little inexpensive gifts give her plenty of joy! Stocking stuffers are a favorite. She loves to bake and clean the house for guests. She makes cards and sings all the classics starting December 1st. Really there is NO way to avoid feeling HAPPY about the Season with her in my world!! She changed my life…and now Christmas is again Merry for me. :)

The piece above really expresses my life right now…me…my husband and our daughter…..Merry Christmas ALL!!