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Yesterday while out driving around with my Hubby looking for places to take some pictures, we stumbled across a parking lot filled with vintage Porsche’s.  What a sight to see!  And best of all, the show was over and there were hardly any people about.  We had free reign to take as many shots as we pleased without any pesky humans in the way. 🙂  

Whenever I see one of these old classics, I think of my crazy uncle.  Doesn’t everyone have a “crazy uncle”?  Well I do.  And if you are reading this, you are mine Uncle Rick. 😉  

When I was around 13 years old and staying with my cousin for a week up in the hills of Georgia, my Uncle Rick thought it would be great fun to teach me how to drive.  Now that sounds like a pretty normal thing to do right?  Normal unless you consider that he put me behind the wheels of a 1954 Porsche Speedster that he had lovingly restored to absolute perfection.  It was a beautiful thing.  

All went well until he told me to not be afraid to put on the gas.  I listened like a good student.  It was a wild and crazy ride through winding roads.  I had driven a stick shift once before, so hey, I was practically a pro.  My memory gets a bit sketchy, but all of a sudden I took a curve way too fast and didn’t correct myself.  Uncle Rick grabs the wheel to help me correct and next thing we know we are smashed into an embankment of dirt.  That’s right.  I wrecked my Uncle’s shiny Porsche.  While I am sitting there drenched in sweat and trying to find my lungs again, I hear cackling.  Laughter.  Crazy insane guffawing.  He thought it was an absolute riot!  He told me to start it back up and keep going.  

Yesterday I was reminded of that time and of him.  And the thought occurred to me that maybe there was some wisdom in that wild ride.  Perhaps Uncle Rick wasn’t so crazy after all.  What he taught me was that “things” were just “things” and that the experience and people were far more important than an expensive car.  He also showed me that it was o.k. to let go of fear and just move forward. And lastly, that no matter how scary and crazy life gets….even if you crash sometimes……you can just start it back up and keep going. Broken and bruised……you can still enjoy the ride….