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One of the things I am learning as a photographer is that there are no “ugly” things.  Through the lens of my camera the entire world is becoming one beautiful thing after another.  Even dirt has shape, shadow and form that create interesting imagery.  The above piece is just the front end of a bulldozer but upon closer inspection it has a wonderfully curved shape and interestingly detailed teeth. The light and soil create contrast and shadow forming an abstract image that is very pleasing to the eye.




Two massive hooks used on a crane create a dance of beauty in a spectacular blue sky.  They seem to hang there weightlessly.  Just waiting for their work to begin….




Here in Florida we pass by huge cranes doing their work almost daily. Construction is an ever present condition of our roads and buildings.  Usually these machine wouldn’t be considered works of art, but when you take notice of all of their lines and detail, suddenly there is an explosion of intrigue.  Bright red lights up the frame with provocative cables leading to…..

No……there are no “ugly” things and that is a “good” thing!