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A Slam Dunk!!

This year you’ve got this……bag the traditionally hyped up gifts or if you must, make them REALLY SPECIAL.  It’s time to think outside of the box. Consider a beautiful piece of artwork that will show your love and affection!  It will last a LIFETIME!  Every time your love looks at the piece hanging on their wall or sitting on their desk they will swell up with a warm feeling.  Seriously….you will blow them away!



Wanna pump it up a notch and SCORE major points? Sure you do!  Write a love note on the back of the gorgeous print you just bought them.  Perhaps a Neruda poem (look it up….they will melt!)?

Planning on proposing or giving jewelry?  Why be ordinary?  Tape the engagement ring to he back of the romantic print!! Imagine that…..a beautiful ring and a piece of artwork to mark the occasion for the rest of their life!  Any jewelry can be taped to the back with a love note hand written by you in permanent marker right on the canvas.



Do they love the way you smell?  This idea will knock their socks off!  Spray your scent on the back of the print before wrapping and presenting….mmmmm  It’s all YOU plus oh so romantic!

Or how about this?  She has been jonesing for a really expensive perfume….spray it onto the back of the print.  Give her the art first and let her take in her coveted smell.  Then present her with the bottle!



Planning on Giving Flowers?  Go ahead and take it to the NEXT LEVEL!  Add a sweet and thoughtful little canvas print with the bouquet.  And do not forget to write the love note on the back!

Other Great Ideas!!  Write some lyrics to your “couple” song on the back.  Tape a picture of the two of you to the back with a special note, date or concert ticket.

Flowers die, candy disappears and perfume runs out.  But art is timeless!!  These great DEALS on beautiful gallery wrapped canvas prints will guarantee a SCORE on Valentine’s Day!!

Just click on the links below each piece for your KEY to a great V Day!!

You can find even more beautiful love themed prints displayed conveniently in one place below: