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I was shown real love as a child by two people.  My birth father and my grandmother.  If wasn’t for them, I would likely have a very warped idea of what the feeling meant.  Coming from a dysfunctional family taught me many things about people.  One is that we all show love in a unique way and that we all feel loved by different methods.  Some feel loved by words.  Others need actions.  And others still need both.  For me, I need to feel “cared for” and I need to see from the other person that they are willing to put effort into our relationship.  Make a call even though you’ve been busy.  Come over and help when I need it (pay attention to my life and offer when you see the need).  Visit me (I visit my friends and family regularly even though many of them live far away).  Send a text just to make me laugh.  Carry part of my burden whether that means a sympathetic ear sometimes or just grabbing the heavy grocery bags.  This goes for romance, family or friends.  

Gifts and mere words have never given me that deep soulful satisfaction.

What makes you feel loved?