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I’ve read some reports that Facebook would be ending on March 15th or May 15th depending on which bogus site you happen to stumble upon.  While other sites refrain from giving an exact date, they go on in length about why interest is declining on the site and it’s inevitable demise. They liken it to MySpace.  

Do you remember MySpace?  I sure do.  It was my first foray into the world of Social Media and I met a lot of really great people there.  Friends who have followed me to Facebook.  Do I believe Facebook will end?  Absolutely!  Everything trendy/social seems to have a lifespan.  Over time people get bored with the same ol’ same ol’.  We always want something NEW…the latest and GREATEST!  Just look at cell phones.  A new improved model comes out yearly now.  

While a social media site takes longer to “wear out”….it surely will.  I imagine someday Facebook will be a place you go to say high to your Grandmother.  But I also know that my friends and fans will follow me to the next Social Media adventure.  🙂

For now keep track of what I am doing on FACEBOOK before it ends!  Like my page now. 🙂