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QiFBIt is known that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  So you cannot really have MORE energy, but you can have DIFFERENT energy.

All of life is made up of energy from the chair you are sitting on to the thoughts that move through your mind.  Art is the transformation of creative energy within the artist into a physical form which might be a painting, a poem, sculpture or other medium.  In my series “Transforming Energy” I wish to convey “feelings” far beyond visual beauty.  I am creating “Holistic” art that is pleasing to the eyes but can also move and touch the soul.  The shades and forms are deliberately soft and subtle. You will not find any hard edges or representational imagery.  The lines are blurred intentionally to represent the totality of life.  There is a circular motif in these works which is both soothing and tranquil.

Pure colors blended into soft waves of light and energy.

In the coming weeks I will be introducing new pieces from this series each day. Sometimes I will have something to say about them. Perhaps a quote or poem.  Or I may say nothing at all and let you, the viewer, decide what can be “felt” within the colors.

Your comments are always welcome and I would love to hear your thoughts…..

Find them ALL at the link below and stay tuned for more!