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When I first started to write this post it was going to be about the pros and cons of art licensing.  However, a quick Google search will turn up a gazillion articles on exactly that.  So I will keep this writing to two points.

There are two important factors in any healthy relationship including those between a potential licencor and licencee:  communication and listening with intent.

When all of the elements are there for success such as an enthusiastic and hard working sales person on their end and a seasoned professional artist with great content on the other.  What can go wrong?

Whether it is a marriage, home purchase, licensing agreement, etc. there is always a deal breaker.  And to avoid that, you must learn a few skills such as listening with intention.

This is an important point.  Listening with intention simply means that you pay attention to what the other party is saying with the intent to “understand” and not just “respond”.  Once you set your own feelings and thoughts aside and gain an understanding of the other person, you can then know exactly how to proceed. When someone is clear and direct with you, it is always in your best interest to fully comprehend.  And when they are not, ask questions if you are uncertain.  Never assume anything.

Communication is defined as any act by which one person gives to or receives from another person information about that person’s needs, desires, perceptions, knowledge, or affective states.  In other words if you have a great idea, share it with the other person.  If there is something you want to do that involves them or their content, call them or email them with your intentions.  Sucker punches never feel good.  Keep them in the loop.

If you have aspirations to be a great sales person no matter what you are selling it would be in your best interest to hone in on the above skills.  There are many books, self help workbooks, CD’s and seminars to help you along the way.  These tools are investments in your future.  I encourage you to pursue them.

When things fall apart like a big contract or art sale, stop and do an autopsy on the entire process from the first phone call to the last email.  Ask yourself some key questions such as:  Did I communicate clearly with the other party?  Did I give them as much information as I could to facilitate trust?  Did I read their emails carefully and ask questions where there was uncertainty?  Did I respond to their questions adequately?  Did I validate them?

Today’s offering is “Clear Purpose”….fitting I think. 🙂

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