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Ever since the movie the Omen came out the Rottweiler dog breed has gotten a bad rap.  To many people a general sense of anxiety accompanies the introduction to one of these beautiful canines.  Truth is that they were originally bred and used to herd livestock and pull carts.  I’ve watched in utter delight as one of our neighbor’s rotties herds children in their back yard as the kiddos squeal with glee.  Mr. Wiggle pants is no menace, however, he does bark when strangers come around.  This is normal dog behavior and you can expect this from any breed.  What a lot of people fail to realize is that these animals are not specifically more aggressive than some other breeds unless they are trained to be so.  You might be surprised to find Dalmatians in the top 10 of most dangerous dog breeds. How can that be?  Disney made them seem so adorable.  The fact is the only dog bite I have ever received was from a chihuahua.  And all chihuahuas are not bad as I’ve met plenty that were sweet little creatures.

There are many things you can do to keep any dog balanced and an upstanding citizen of your community.  I have years of experience with dogs, and am not an expert, but there are two mistakes that I have seen many people make with their companions. One is lack of proper socialization with people and other dogs.  This should start at a very early age.  Dogs should be exposed to lots of neighbors and friends of all ages/genders as a puppy and beyond (supervised of course).  And there are far too many dog owners who do not spay/neuter their animals.  This last key point is critical to keep aggressive behaviors away.  Surges in hormones and lack of sexual release creates aggression in humans too.  Lastly, no matter what type of buddy you want from a docile Golden Retriever to a Cane Corso you should always educate yourself about the specifics before ever bringing one into your home.  You should be a leader that has an understanding of the best way to train your breed of choice.  And you should actively train them.  If you need help, hire a dog behaviorist to assist.

I’ve never met a Rottweiler that I didn’t like.  I have found them to be loving and playful acquaintances.  My latest piece titled “Rottie Love” shows how majestic and noble this breed can look.  But they can also look like this. 😉


Image courtesy of upside down dogs.

Badass?  Not really….

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