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Last night I was looking on my high school alumni page on Facebook and one person said they were looking for a specific teacher.  Another mentioned that this woman had passed away a few years back from cancer.  This person was disappointed because she really wanted to find Ms. H and tell her that she really did “make something of her life” and that she has “amounted to something”.  What a horrible chip to carry for so many years.  When someone you look up to tells you that you are not good enough, it can really stick.  But I thought about it and realized that sometimes negative people in our lives can contribute the most to our overall happiness and positivity.  You can either believe the words they say and weave them into your life so that their predictions come true.  Or you can dig deep and tell yourself that you will prove them wrong. You can learn to love yourself and see things that they never could.

No matter what anyone tells you, you ARE good enough.  Teachers, clergy and especially your parents cannot tell you how your life will go.  Only you can do that.  If you are still living with a “chip” on your shoulder from something someone said in your past, isn’t it time to let go of it?  You are perfect, whole and complete.

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