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Sometimes it feels like your life is in a rut and there is no way out.  You have lots of seeds planted, but nothing is happening.  There is plenty of creative sunshine and marketing water, but the seedlings stay the same size.  You keep doing what you’ve always done and you get the same results you’ve always gotten.

Just when you start to feel a little stale like there is nowhere else to expand, something happens to let you know that there is always room to grow.  Whether it is in a relationship, your health or career, you can always find new avenues to take you to destinations that will increase your satisfaction in life.

I am super busy this Spring with many projects in my fire, but they are all tasks that I have been doing for years.  Nothing new.  So I was delighted when an art consulting firm in Atlanta contacted me about designing art for a new hotel.  Right now, I only know they want tropical fish, 8 unique pieces and that it will have a Florida Keys theme. Talk about right up my alley!  Or should I say coral reef. 😉

So I am growing into new opportunities with my artwork.  The most important thing you can do to move in new directions is be “open” to them.  Right now I am WIDE OPEN!

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