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I don’t just sell art.  I form relationships with my collectors.  I bring people together, make a house a home or an office a welcoming place.  I create and inspire.

A few years ago one of my collectors contacted me with a very special request.  She said it took her many months to get up the nerve to ask because she thought I would say no.  Her Mom had passed away and she wanted to do something special with her ashes.  She wanted to know if I would be willing to incorporate some of her mother into one of my pieces.  A commission based on “Fire Over Copper Lake”.  I did not hesitate and said yes.

I was soon touched to learn that we shared a Native American ancestry.  Her Mom was a healer in this life and touched many souls.  In my lifetime I have had a spiritual guide named Ama which means water in Cherokee.  The piece I would be creating had to do with a “lake”…or water.  Her mother’s Indian name was “clear water”. Creating this memorial painting felt more than right for me….it felt like a homage to my own spiritual mother as well.  She arrived in a beautiful pouch surrounded by the sweet smell of sage.  I handled her with care and blessed her ashes before I mixed them with the paint.  The piece turned out beautifully….my collector was moved beyond words…and I like to think that a few ashes are here in my studio still and that Ama is with me always…..