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I paint naked people.  There has always been something incredibly alluring to me in human skin.  The tones and textures of each person is uniquely different, however, it is hard to find artwork utilizing nudes that isn’t traditional.  I enjoy classical nude work and have painted it myself over the years.  There is great demand for it!  But in my Stone Rock’d Art series I am attempting to create new patterns and textures to my nudes.  I am using both male and female models.  I am not looking for anything pornographic or shocking.  I am trying to create a mood of peace and tranquility.  There is a symbolism to me in the shapes….a connectedness.  Each piece is a whole made up of little cells which is exactly how things are formed in nature.  Being naked is natural.  It isn’t all dirty porn.  We are part of the same earthly form and when you remove all of the trappings of this earth we are all….naked.  Nudity is art and art is naked.  And that is the truth!

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