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If you clicked on my blog expecting the next magical do it all supplement, I am sorry but that isn’t it.  And it’s not a drug, nap or long walk either. It is simply a “leap of faith”.  I swing my legs out of bed and believe they will work properly.  I trust that my hands will be able to paint and that my eyes will be able to see.  I have dealt with a neurological challenge for over 18 years now and some days those simple tasks elude me.  But most days I just have faith and the miracle of a normal day appears.

For me, my artwork is a big part of that leap.  And let me tell you it is a sprinting, all out, do not stop kind of jump!  It isn’t easy putting yourself out there every single day for judgement.  Imagine yourself standing naked in a room filled with hundreds of strangers pointing their fingers and critiquing your body.  It’s a similar feeling when I list a new work.  It’s raw and personal and sometimes you just want to snap it back into your studio where it is safe.

But faith does not keep you safe.  No it’s the trust that keeps you going even when it is dangerous with the “knowing” that you will make it through whatever you must face.

Today I offer you…..”A Leap Of Faith”.

.  ..

. ….  … .

.   ..  …… .

.  …   ..  . …..

.  …  … .

.  .

Leap Of Faith Art Print Red Paintings