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ImageThis is my second Father’s Day without a Dad.  I lost my “Daddy” when I was 10 years old and my “Pop” two Summers ago at age 43.  Both loses have their own particular kind of sting. That’s me in my Daddy’s arms as an infant in the first picture and me in my Pop’s in the later.  As with Father’s Day in the past, forgiveness always comes to the surface.  It isn’t that I have not forgiven these two men for their shortcomings.  Both had many and I have long since come to terms and found peace.  It is more about the fact that without either of them here, forgiveness is something that I can cherish.  It is much easier to celebrate someone’s life and their positive role in yours if you can let go of past hurts.  If you can see them for their humanity.  See the ways that they must have felt pain inside and the ways they tried to make themselves feel better.  I have had to forgive alcoholism, physical abuse, suicide and more. I have had to go beyond my inner child to see theirs.  It took years for me to fully open up and allow their love to move freely through my thoughts and my heart.  But I have and they do.  So today on Father’s Day I want to celebrate love and be thankful for forgiveness which truly has set me free!