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brick sayingWhen I was a little girl, Sunday mornings were fraught with anxiety and dread. It was a day of worship and family which should have been a rewarding and pleasant time. But when you grow up in a home and culture of abuse, it is anything but. It took me many years to lose my religion and find my spirituality. I am not against the tenets of most of the religions I know. It is the hypocrisy and misuse that is harmful to me. I have many friends who find their religious life enriching and integral to their lives. What a blessing! For me, I had to reclaim Sunday mornings and make them a peaceful time where I can relax, drink tea or read a book and contemplate all of the good in my life. I am thankful for so much! I also enjoy having a nice and calm meal with my husband and daughter. It’s a great day that I have come to look forward to each week.

Sunday….there is just something about it…