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As promised, I am sharing more of my work from my art school days.  I did not do much painting back then.  My degree slants toward the commercial side, so I used pencils, pens, and markers as my primary mediums.  One of the good things about schooling is that often you are challenged to try techniques that you would not have chosen otherwise.  My “Proud Lion” above is creating using what is called “stippling” and is referred to as pointillism in art terminology.

This was created nearly 25 years ago.  There was no computer help.  The entire piece was done by hand using an ink pen on white cardboard.  Many countless dots over and over again (including what looks like solid black) make up his shapes and shadows.  I had to “draw” him in my mind and couldn’t rely on printing out something I could dot over.  Nope.  It’s all handmade.  In the close up, you can see the irregularities in the dots which is a dead giveaway that no computer was involved.


I am not knocking computer work.  I use it all of the time now!  I am simply remembering the cramped hands and cross eyes of yesteryear. 😉  I also appreciate the fact that nowadays you can make mistakes and quickly fix them.  Back then there were a lot of “do overs”.

Times have changed, but true art remains……timeless.


More to come from my old portfolio soon!

Lion Art Animal Prints Black White