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When I decided to open up my 25 year old portfolios to the World, there was a sense of vulnerability that came with it.  I’ve been a professional artist for around 12 years now, so that leaves 13 years unaccounted for.  During that time, I worked on a Phd. in Holistic Nutrition and I was a personal trainer/nutritional consultant.  That is a long story, but here I am today making a living doing what I have always loved!

While I have greatly appreciated all of the positive feedback I have gotten from my fans, friends and collectors, it is a comment from a stranger that sticks out the most.  This person said that my pen and ink work is fake and Photoshop artistry.  This person meant to be mean and nasty, but what I realize now is that it is the BEST compliment I have ever received on my art in my entire life!  25 years ago there was no Photoshop.  In fact there was no computer artistry at all available to me.  Everything was done by hand.  Knowing that my work was as good then as Photoshop is today makes me feel more confident about sharing this older work with all of you. 🙂

While I could have taken the comment to heart in the way it was intended and closed up my portfolios for good, I’ve decided that this person will be a catalyst for me to share even more of myself.  So a big THANK YOU goes out to “Sylvia” for her negative comments.  You could have not have paid me a bigger compliment!


It’s old and frayed and the zipper is broken.


The one on the left contains originals and the one on the right are copies meant to show perspective employers.


Airbrushing, pen and ink, drawing and marker work are all represented here.


Billboard and magazine mock ups.


Markers were one of my favorite mediums to work with.  I loved the colors and detail I could get with them!

DSC_0047More pen and ink on cardboard with some watercolor work too.

DSC_0052I even did some screen printing work as seen on the left.  Pastels and markers are represented here.

DSC_0057More marker work and the strawberries are colored pencil.


And just for fun a few from childhood.  The dates say middle school.

***I’ve left these images FULL-SIZED.  Straight from my camera without any computer manipulation.  Quick shots early this morning before the sun was up.  So click on them and have a look.  And PLEASE when I list them…..Tell me they look as good as Photoshop! 😉