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“Free Spirit”

New Art Mixed Media Painting on Fabric Fused Digitally.

Sharon Cummings


I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit since the time I could walk, but today I am not talking about that personality trait.  When I was a little girl, I loved riding my bike. Being the younger of two girls, I always got the “hand me downs” from my sister.  So it was her old beat up economy cycle that I learned to ride on.

My older brother had a beautiful bike.  It was sleek and colorful and oh so enviable.  It was way too big for me and every time I tried to sit on it, that painful bar would get me right between the legs!  His was a “Free Spirit”.  It was red, white and blue.  I wanted one so badly.  Every Christmas it was all I would ask for.  One season went by and I got a play stove set and the next I got some barbies.  I just wasn’t into all of that girly stuff, but was thankful for the gifts anyway.

Then the day came!  It was the Christmas of my 7th year.  My parents had wrapped a few small gifts for me and placed them under the tree.  There was no huge wrapped gift, so I assumed that the bike wouldn’t come yet again.  We all opened our gifts and everyone was happy….well mostly happy.  I am sure I looked more than a little disappointed. Then my Mom and Dad started laughing and asked me what was wrong. I shrugged. My Dad then left for a few minutes and came wheeling in my new bike….oh boy!   She was a beauty.  I jumped on that long bright yellow banana seat and I rarely got off it!

Here is a picture of the bike I loved so much.  Time for a ride down memory lane!








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